For the longest time I had looked at Nona and thought of how beautiful she was. We had changed in front of each other before but that had been a few years ago. “I wonder if she’s going to look as gorgeous as she did the last time I saw her, will I get another peak of her amazing tits?” I thought as I walked through the airport. I knew I was bi-curious, maybe even bi-sexual with how often wondered what it would be like to explore that world I read so much about in my erotica novels. Would I ever have the guts to act on my fantasy of exploring her body inch by inch, without having to worry about her catching me staring?There she was walking towards me. Were my eyes playing tricks on me or did I see the same lust I felt for her behind those sexy blue eyes? “Shake it off, Tiffany. Act normal”  I greet her with a hug, and linger just a bit. Time to get down to business.  I take her back to my apartment ~ MY apartment, man it felt good to say that! I make it a point to tell her that it will be just us girls this weekend, but wonder if she’s in the mood for some random guy action.
We go through the tour at OSU and I can barely even pay attention. I wonder how many times she has caught me staring at her, she is even more beautiful than the last time I saw her! Our tour guide was quite amused, and I think a bit turned on by what he seemed to inturpret as flirting between the two of us. I was really enjoying this too much! And then he asked if I was Nona’s girlfriend… I didn’t know how to react ~ I could never be that lucky! But the second my eyes met Nona’s, that same lust was there and there was no question about it, I was ready to get this tour over with and begin the REAL fun!