A Month In A Chastity Cage + Teasing!

Sometimes I’m like a cat that bats around a mouse before letting it go. I’m not being mean, I’m being playful with someone that keeps me entertained. I’ve been talking to Brian online for a while now and it’s been going really good. We met on a kink site and he was looking for a woman to put him in chastity for a month. He wanted her to keep the key so he wouldn’t be tempted to take the cage off himself. I love the idea of being in control of a guy’s dick so I told him I’d do it. I didn’t tell him that I had a few other things in mind though. We met at a hotel and that’s when the fun started.

    Once we were in the room Brian handed me the chastity and the key then took his pants off. I knelt in front of him and slipped it on, then snapped the lock shut. He started to put his pants back on but I stopped him. I told him to go sit down on the bed and wait for me. He started to question me and my intentions so I gave him a very stern look. I told him that just because he had a chastity on didn’t mean we couldn’t have some fun! 

He wanted to know what I had in mind and I took a DVD out of my handbag, showing him the cover: Saturday Night Sorority Girls. Typical man, he loved the thought of watching lesbian porn but didn’t think it through. How much fun can porn be when you can’t jerk off?

I put the DVD on and we sat on the end of the bed watching it.

Wanna know what else I do with Brian while he’s stuck in his chastity?! Look out of my next blog post and see what other fun I get to have. Teasing him is seriously the best!

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