Monogamous Relationships: Which Is More Realistic? 

Monogamous relationships have been deemed as not realistic by every caller I asked this week.  When I email my customers a thank you or a follow-up email, there is normally a question within the message.  This week, I was hyperfocused on monogamous relationships.

Personally, I don’t believe monogamous relationships serve the American people well.  Though polygamy is illegal in all states.  Utah has reduced the criminalization of polygamy to a traffic ticket via the Edmunds Act of 2020.  Truthfully, most of us don’t follow the rules of monogamous relationships.  I’ll explain why.

What Is Monogamy?

The habit of only being with one person at a time is monogamy.  Well, I never formed that habit.  I like orgies, Swingers Parties, cuckold, and the freedom to swap out expired relationships.  Monogamy implies that you must be married, and have only one sexual partner during the course of that relationship.  Monogamous relationships have nothing to do with loyalty, fidelity, love, nor good sex.

This habit of formulating a monogamous relationship doesn’t make you closer to God.  Abraham and all of the prototypes from religion took part in plural marriages, had concubines, and had the means to do so.  We cannot expect a man or woman of power to not engage in relationships with various parties as a part of networking.  That doesn’t mean they must be intimate.  After all, sex doesn’t always require intimacy; more so a release of endorphins that shift one into a state of clairvoyance.



It is a primal instinct for you to become one with the exchange of bodily fluids.  Your heartbeats conjoin in sync as you cuddle.  One’s body chemistry shifts and changes to indicate that he/she is sexually active.  So what happens when you are promiscuous and having sex with like fifty people?  Does your aroma smell like a 50 cent piece?  (Jokes)

Engaging in polygamous relations doesn’t make you more desirable, rich, or disloyal.  I could tell you about every random encounter this nymphomaniac has and FaceTime you to watch me get bent over in the coffee shop for your pleasure.  When I get home, feel free to suck the semen from my cum filled pussy.  Taste the victory on your lips, and know that I love you and am not going anywhere.  Just because I enjoy bouncing up and down on another’s male principle doesn’t mean I don’t love you or that you are lacking in the sex department.  Monogamous relationships eliminate the wonder because it is playing it safe for those that don’t know how to communicate and be respectful.


Call it as you may, but I’m not just the other woman.  His wife knows about me.  I’m on his ledgers and in the budget.  I am a kept woman, not a side piece to be cast aside at a whim.  A hetaera is family.  We don’t need a legally binding contract such as a marriage license; he already has a wife.  We don’t need a domestic partnership agreement; Article I here in NC messed up those rules when gay marriage became legal.  Bigamy was outlawed in the US in the late 1800s.  The law has nothing to do with what our hearts and kinky anatomy do as long as we are not hurting anyone, avoiding taxation, making bastard children that go unaccounted for…

If you want a sideline heaux, I suggest you learn to communicate better with your wife and try counseling, because you have much growing to do.  Most women know and have accepted that men cheat.  Yet we delude ourselves with the notion that we are the exception to that rule.  While courting the rules of engagement should have been communicated.  You are not one another’s property.  In the bedroom, feel free to bind me up, cage me up, and be disrespectful until that stop word is used.  Why?  Because we agreed to play in a kinky sex scene with pussy spanking. That bedroom behavior stops the moment we put our clothes back on.  Communication, communicate, communicate.

Call me when you have that itch for a bit of cuckold phone sex.  I am happy to service your kinky wilds.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke