Have another drink my pet! That’s what I’ll be saying to you over and over again during our forced intoxication session. I think we
should start off with a toast. A toast to me, your forced intox phone sex Goddess Madison.

You must prepare yourself and gather all of your intoxicating substances before you call me. Things you might have on hand are your bottle
from the liquor store, a shot glass, your mixer, some ice, your chaser, beer, wine, or whatever you have to play with. Drinks aren’t the only things you can use to get obliviated during our forced into call either, if you know what I mean 😉

It’s time to lower your inhibitions. I plan to make you my forced intox puppet tonight. I will put you into a deep state of intoxication. You will begin to feel so good and loose which puts you exactly where I want you. My sexy seduction will fuck with your mind.

We will do all sorts of deliciously fun things like play drinking games, watch dirty porn, suck you dry, and I do not mean your balls! Tee-he-he When your inhibitions are lowered I intend to suck you completely dry of your money! I mean c’mon every beautiful, bratty Woman knows how to use a drunk man. That’s why I’ll never tell you to slow down, you won’t hear me say that you’ve had enough, besides if you wanted that you would just go drink with your wife! All you’ll hear from me is here hunny have another, and another! Why do you think it’s called FORCED Intox? You will keep buying more phone sex minutes when your time runs out and of course you will give me a few big, fat tips! So not only will your bottle be empty but your wallet will be too!

You’re guaranteed to have a bad case of whiskey dick. You will be jerking and stroking that horny cock, wanting to cum so badly. It’ll take you forever to cum, if you even cum at all! You definitely won’t quit without a struggle though that’s for sure hehe. Sooner or later you will probably just pass out from exhaustion. The next morning isn’t so pretty but hey, that is a sure sign of a good fucking night! So what are you waiting for? Get your alcohol and call me for a naughty forced intox phone sex call!

Haven’t you ever heard the saying “never drink alone”? It’s time to pick up the phone and call me.

Forced Intox Mistress Madison


[email protected]