My Junkie Mom Let Her Drug Dealer Breed Me

When I was a teen I would hear my mom fucking her boyfriends and drug dealers in the room next to mine. She was such a slut. She didn’t even care that her little girl was right in the next room trying to get rest for school the next day. One night she was so loud and fucking annoying with the screams that I decided to go into her room and tell her to shut the fuck up! Things didn’t go exactly as I planned.

When I barged into the room she was riding her “new” boyfriend. He looked like a fucking truck driver or something. Tattoos crossed his body like a map and his cock was huge! My mom took all of his 9 inches into her loose pussy. All I saw was my mom’s big ass bobbing up in down in the air with the guys stuffed in her deep wet pussy hole. He saw me barge in and he threw my mom off of his dick.

He started smiling and said, “See Selena? If you wanna get the good shit then I’m gonna have to break in this young lolita!” My mom was a drug head and apparently, this guy was her dealer. She was trying to secure enough drugs to last her for a week by giving him all the sex he wanted but, he wanted more. He wanted me. He said that if she let him fuck me he would give her a 2 weeks worth of drugs. If she let him fuck me raw with no condom and squirt his cum on my stomach or face he would give her enough for three weeks. If she let him fuck me raw and cum inside of me anytime he wanted to, my mom would never have to pay for drugs AGAIN.

My mom shot her veins full of heroin as she watched me, her only daughter, get fucked deep in my tight teen pussy. Before that night I had only been finger fucked by my boyfriend. Having a full-grown man’s penis deep inside of me like that was weird but my mom told me that I’d better shut my mouth and take it like a grown woman. She was tough like that.

He was gentle at first but, as he got closer to orgasm I had to arch my back in order to take in the force of his strokes. His balls were slapping against my tight asshole as he grunted and moaned. My little pussy was wrapped tight like a leather glove around his shaft. He was balls deep and all my mom could do was drift into a drug-induced paradise. Her only baby girl was had instantly turned into her drug dealers sex slave.

He came deep inside of me, leaving his creampie dripping out of my pussy. His sweat dripped all over my face and tits and 1o minutes later he was inside of me again. It was all apart of the agreement. He could fuck and creampie me whenever he wanted to. My mom didn’t care, she was a junky.

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