Moms Bang Teens Naughty Christmas – Taboo Moms and Teens Bang

It’s not every day that moms bang teens at a Christmas Dance, especially moms that were supposed to be chaperoning. Because we all know how teens can be these days that is the reason we wanted them supervised. That was not what this group of mean girls had in mind when they chose the mothers for that position. Because they are motivated by the need to cause chaos they picked the most inappropriate taboo phone sex moms for the job.

Bullies by nature because they crave the attention they never have good intentions. Therefore they selected the mom who always dressed like a whore. You know the type, never age appropriate or occasion either. They selected a bartender from the local bar that had 8 kids with 8 different married men. Besides her there a local tramp who was rumored to belong to a group of moms that bang teens for fun.  Then there was that lot lizard who lurked the local truck stop offering happy endings to anyone, I also heard she was part of the first underaged fuck fest where the moms bang teens.

Moms Bang Teens – Taboo Times

Because they picked the best white and ghetto black whore they thought their idea would work. Most importantly let’s not forget the big ghetto bootie black bitch from the strip club in the hood. They brought her to assure that there would be drugs at the dance and alcohol. Most importantly let’s not forget me, the head of the moms’ bang teens taboo club. After all the party was at my house.

They immediately offered us taboo moms money I knew they were up to no good. I played along and agreed to go. Little did they know we had our own ill intentions, we are not typical moms, we bang and blow and bounce teens, just for fun. Little did they know we live for taboo sex and these moms bang teens. Before they could even think we had there boy friends in the back of the stage. Silly mean girls, we sucked their dicks so good they forgot their names.

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