When I found Mommy’s Sex-tape I couldn’t have been MORE SHOCKED…or, pleased. Giggle.  Mom has been riding my ass to get a job and stop hanging out with my “loser” friends since I turned 18. If I have to listen to one more of her fucking “Good girls don’t…” stories, I swear I’ll throw up.

That ALL changed the day I was putting away some of her clothes and a box fell down from her top wardrobe shelf. So, seeing one with “Memories” written on it, made me want to have a look at it.

Imagine my shock upon seeing my Mom sucking a black cock that had to be at least 10″ long. For 2 hours I watched clips of my Mom taking cocks up her ass, pussy and down her throat.

Besides, she fucked men of all colors and sizes by one’s, two’s and three’s. Moreover, there was even a clip of her doing 6 guys at once. So, how to make life at home a LOT easier?  Find out your Mom was a porn star!  It was shocking, AND I have to admit…a little titillating.  However, when she came home from shopping that afternoon; she saw me sitting on the sofa watching her sucking on that big black cock and she stammered “How did you get that, Joey?”
“Mom, I’d worry less about HOW I got it and more concerned with how many copies I’ve made. Now, I’m going out with Logan tonight. And I’m going to be wearing your tiger print La Perla bra and panties, aren’t I”?
“Yes, Joey” she gulped.
Are you wondering how I punished her & got my freedom at the same time? I LOVE watching her squirm! Do YOU want to watch?