Mommy’s Secret Nursery For Adult Babies

As I was digging through an old trunk to find a blankie of your’s I came across several things that made me wish I could twirl my magic wand and turn you back into a sweet young baby that I could care for and nurture once again.  Cloth diapers, and binkys, tiny shoes, and footie jammies, I held them up to my nose and I could still smell the faint scent of your baby powder. Oh, how I wished I could wrap you up in my arms once more …….. not an infant though but that adult baby I want to care for.

And then I came up with the perfect idea!

I was going to construct a secret nursery to accommodate all my sweet baby boy’s needs! And it just wouldn’t be for you; adult babies all over the world crave a safe place to play with a hot mommy just like me.  I do love so much cleaning up the dirty messes you’ve made in your diapers, and feeding you some special food. But the best part about it is rocking you and stroking your hair while you breastfeed and I sing you a sweet lullaby or read you a book.  My sweet baby of mine, no one knows how to care for you and fulfill all your needs like Mommy Roxy does.

Remember that fun bath time we had just the other day!  I made sure you have only the best super-sized items to fit in with our new adult baby playtime!  Your sweet tub is soft on the bottom and has that headrest so mommy can lay you back and wash your whole body to get you all nice and clean.  And then afterward comes putting lotion all over you and swaddling you in your diaper filled with the fresh scent of powder.  And what kind of cute jammies shall we stick baby in?

 You have a whole closet full of clothes maybe I will put you in your big stroller so you can see all your sweet fresh smelling things.

Perhaps the footie jammies you so love?  Playtime with you is our special time! You are learning so many things and mommy loves to buy you lots of bright and shiny toys! You like the ones that make the most noise, don’t you!  But when we look outside its getting dark, and that means it’s time for the baby to go night-night.  Come nestle up to my breast and let me lull you to sleep with my sweet-sounding voice.  Sweet dreams baby, mommy will be back soon!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke