When I was a young girl, I walked in on my mom giving her boyfriend a blow job. Wow, was I surprised. I was only 16 at the time, a young, innocent, and naïve girl. One who hadn’t been exposed to many naughty things. So, naturally seeing my mom sucking on cock had left me rather curious. It was not until later that evening that mom and I sat down and she spoke to me about what I had walked in on. She told me that a woman must learn how to take care of her man; otherwise he will find someone else who will. A woman must learn how to take cock in any and every situation, there are no exceptions. If your man has a fantasy, you should always help him fulfill those desires, no exceptions. I wasn’t sure what she was talking about at first until she started giving me examples on what I should do. She told me that I need to learn to deep throat a nice meat stick. I needed to learn what it felt like to have my throat penetrated in such a way that I will never say no again. That there may be times where I have to be more open than what I may be use to and allow other men and women in our bedroom. She said that this allows for more pleasure than you could ever imagine. But most importantly, a good girl swallows. She told me she would explain further tomorrow when her boyfriend came back. That sometimes demonstrating rather than simply explaining could benefit me more.

I was shocked at what she wanted to do in front of me. She was going to suck his cock and have him blow his load inside her mouth. She wanted to teach me how to do what real women already know. That apparently it is a mother’s job to teach her daughter the ways of the world. I remember seeing her take that cock in her hands and just start stroking it. She was definitely on a mission; to not only teach me but to prove to me what she was capable of. Harder and faster I watched her stroke his cock. He was obviously enjoying it as I watched his face. His head fell back as her lips wrapped themselves around his throbbing meat stick.

I could not believe how naughty my mom was. What is your naughty mommy story? How do you think that this will end? Does she really teach me the lesson I need to learn? What lessons do you need to be taught? Are you secretly crushing on Mommy and sucking on her dirty panties? Together we can share our secrets and have one hell of a masturbation moment together. Sensual or hardcore, I will let you decide…