Mommy’s Milk

Mommy was dreaming soundly when she felt a tug.
Her little boy is not so little anymore as he woke her.
Stoking his mommy’s chest squeezing one milk filled breast.
Mommy moaned quietly as her hands were tied behind her back.
Pulling her up and leaning her forward.
He would milk his mommy of every drop of mommy’s milk.
Her son knew how to squeeze her tit just right.
Extracting each drop while managing to still tease mommy’s pussy.
His fingers started at the base of the breast.

Pressing down with his fingertips.
Not for pain but a dull pressure.
Pushing the milk along the milk ducts gently.
She was milked by her son twice a day.
Once the milking was completely she was free to play to completion.
Unless her son’s cock was hungry too.
At night again her milk would flow into his mouth or glass.
Some mornings he wanted another treat.
Waking mommy gently offer up the cream from her slit.
Bending forward resting her slit on his lips or over his cock.
Begging her son fuck her holes tonight.
Once he was finished with end he was thirsty once more.
Squeezing and pulling til her milk filled his cup.
She stood still as he made he nipples stiff.
Her knees and legs spread open with a yearning.
Giving his mommy what she desired.
With 2 or 3 fingers buried in her twat.
A rub, a thrust and suckle make her hot.
When he was milking her of every drop.
Lactating and milking every day was her pleasure.
One night her son didn’t come to her room.
Her breasts were full of milk.
For hours her son made her wait.
Finally the door opened and her son approached her bed.
Tying her tightly to the bed posts.
Spending the night tied to the bed.
Her son never milked her.
He only teased and taunted her wet slit.
By morning her tits were full and aching.
Untying his mother from the bed leading her to the kitchen.
Her breasts are so full that nipples started to overflow.
White drops of milk formed at tips of her nipples.
She had to beg for them to be emptied on her knees.
Finally her son obliged to talk mommy’s milk.
Filling first his cup with her sweet milk.
And second a bowl of cereal.
She closed her eyes moaning in relief.
Her nipples were engorged and extra firm.
So tender, with each rub from her son she’d squirm.
His manly hands would squeeze without concern.
For her sore and swollen nipples.
As they started to ache and burn.
Finally her son drained off his mommy’s milk.
Leaving on the floor exhausted while he enjoyed.

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