Mommys Milk Will Help You Grow

Mommys milk will help you grow big and strong.  Not only will it make my big boy’s body grow, but it will make my baby’s dick grow too.  My babies always tell me how safe and secure they feel resting in my full breasts.  The smell and taste of my milk put them so at ease.

I’ve my big boy crawl to mamma and climb up on my lap.  I stroke his hair and rub his tummy while he nestles his head onto my big milky tits.  I work my hands down until I am gently rubbing my baby boy’s growing weenie.  What a big boy he has become!

As I continue to rub, his sucking gets harder.  The sensation makes mommy so happy and feel so good.  How did mommy get so lucky to have such a good boy?  He loses himself in the relaxing pleasure, I can feel his diaper getting warm and full.  My big boy got so excited, he pissed himself.  I can’t help but giggle as I watch his squirm around in his full diaper.

Now the really fun part!  Time to change my big baby’s diaper.  I have him lay on the floor so I can make him fresh and clean.  I remove his diaper, and to my surprise, my big boy really is a full grown baby!  Mommys milk really did make him grown BIG and strong.  Then I pour powder on his dick and tell him to stroke it for me.

 He moans as he begins to jerk and play with his dick.

 He tells me how get it feels so I instruct him further.  I tickle and tease his balls and watch him laugh and squirm uncontrollably.   I just love hearing my baby laugh!  Then I keep rubbing his full balls as he plays with his dick until, much to his surprise, he cums all over mommy.   Now that wasn’t very nice was it?  Like a good boy though, he jumps up to lick and suck mommy’s tits all clean again.

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