I’m ripe and fertile,

With skin like silk carrying a sunkissed glow,

Let your lips trail and linger,

And your cock harden and show,

Those pants will come down,

Plunder my hungry pussy,

Fill it with your baby batter,

I want every single drop…

Mommy says it’s time, that i’m old enough for my body to be filled up with cream. Mommy loves to talk about how good it feels to be filled to the brim with hot fresh baby batter. Do you want to fill me up? Put a baby in my belly? No one ever has to know about it. We can make it our very naughty little secret. I’m ready to be a mommy, to have my breasts swell and fill with milk. Do you want to suckle on them? I’ll be a good girl and do everything you say…

Just please fill me up with the brim with your seed. You can do it over and over again all you like. Ravish my pretty little pussy and use my to your hearts content! I won’t waste a single drop! Maybe Mommy can join in? You can get us both pregnant together, just think mother and daughter side by side carrying your seed…Tempting?

Don’t wait just give me a ring!

Mommy and Me!2


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