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They were both aroused by the secrecy but began to crave each other more and more. So for his high school graduation, mommy planned a getaway for Mommy and Son. Everybody in the family thought it was cute and sweet and teased them both thinking it was just an innocent trip. But when they got to the resort they became an openly affectionate couple. Most people looked at them and just thought she was a cougar with a hot young guy. He loved being able to grab her ass and pull her close to him and kiss her passionately.

By the pool, he rubbed oil on her back and they played in the water together.

But when they retired for the night it was their time to go all the way. He couldn’t wait to slide his hard cock inside of her pussy and she couldn’t wait to get fucked by her hot son who was now her secret lover. No more hiding or listening for the car in the driveway or the keys at the door. She lit the candles and lay on the bed in her sexy nighty waiting for him. He was totally naked. His cock was rock hard. He licked her titties and ate her pussy once more. She sucked his cock and got it so wet. Then he parted her long legs and thrust his man-sized meat deep into her pussy walls and banged her cunt until he came.


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