Quality Mommy Son time is very important to Mommy

Getting baby already for the park made me so happy. Dressing him up in a cute little pink and blue dress with a diaper and pink plastic pants on with frills on it looked just adorable. I got out the pretty pink stroller that I had bought for special mommy son occasions such as this and was about to put little Tommy in it when I noticed he had soiled his diaper.

Taking him to the changing table I slid off the plastic pants and was ready to change his diapie. I loved naughty mommy son time. I didn’t believe in using the new disposable kind of diapers, I liked how soft and comfortable the cloth diapers were. So unpinning both of the diaper pins I was ready to clean him up. First I lifted his legs and folded the diaper under him. Then taking the baby wipes from their warming container which kept them from getting cold, I started to wipe up Tommy’s little bottom. Making sure his little baby cock was nice and clean I rubbed a little harder along his privates.

Now all clean I lifted his legs back up and scooted a nice clean cloth diaper underneath his bottom. Now I had to put some pretty smelling powder all over his bottom so he didn’t get a rash. I rubbed the powder in real good and made his little pee pee nice and smooth. Doing this made him get a little baby hard on. He was giggling as I was stroking his little cock so I kept on rubbing it to see if maybe he would have a little mess to clean up.

It was amazing to rub the soft silky powder all over his tiny little cock and he giggled the whole time.

He loved mommy playing with him. All of a sudden his little giggles turned to a little purring type of sound and then a little bit of baby cum escaped from his little wee wee. I picked him up and hugged him soo close and he held on to me so tightly that I knew the little Tommy had a good time too.

Now it was time to head to the park in his pretty pink stroller and play on the swings that he loved so much. Dressed so pretty we got lots of stares as we headed to the park but that was ok. We had just had an amazing time at home and Tommy really wanted to play on the swings. Placing him in the baby swing where he couldn’t fall out I pushed him high into the sky. Mommy son time is so much fun. Laughing and giggling he was having so much fun! Soon it was time to head home so I put Tommy back into the pretty pink stroller and we started walking home.

Tired from all the fun he had that morning, Tommy fell fast asleep in his stroller. He looked so angelic that I brushed a strand of hair from his face and gave him a quick little peck on this cheek, careful not to wake him. Humming softly I walked the rest of the way home.

I love to take care of lots of babies and am always looking for more little ones to care for.

Want mommy Violet to help take care of you?? Maybe you’d like to go to the park and play? How about a nice fun bath with your little duckie? Mommy Violet wants to play with you too. Mommy Violet may seem real nice but don’t be naughty because mommy Violet can also be mean mommy too. What kind of mommy do you want?

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