Mommy and Son are Hot Incest Lovers

Her Mommy’s Incest love for her son was like a hunger. Her youngest son, Troy, was always her baby boy. He was conceived when her husband was having an affair and she was trying to keep him from leaving her. She’d stopped taking her birth control pills weeks before. When her bouncing boy Troy came along her husband became even more distant. He didn’t divorce her but he found more reason to work late. And she found more reasons to put all her hopes, her love and her attention on little Troy.

He became her world. She loved changing his diaper and wiping his bottom clean. She was obsessed with rubbing baby oil all over his little body. When Troy was 10 years old the fondling began. She would lock the door and rub baby oil on his body. “Mommy, that feels good”, he sighed as she rubbed the oil on his balls. “Don’t tell anyone. This is our secret. Mommy and Son only” When he turned 13 the passionate kissing began. “Oh, mommy I love kissing you.”

She slid her long wet tongue deep down his throat.

“I love kissing you. But don’t tell anyone. It must remain our secret.” By the time he was 16, she had fallen in love with her youngest son. He was all she wanted. She took him on a road trip and didn’t hold back her public affection. People who didn’t know them thought it was an older woman with a younger man but she enjoyed flaunting their Incest love. She rented a quaint hotel room and brought Troy to her bed. “Baby, mommy loves you so much. I love you like a woman loves and man and need to go all the way with you.

Troy was ready. He’d been groomed for this day most of his life. He stripped naked for her and she stripped for him. They stood staring at each other’s bodies and then Troy’s cock began to get super hard. “Mommy, I have to have you. I have to fuck you now.” His mother laid on the bed and spread her legs and said, “Take me, son, I’m yours.


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