Mommy Son Go All the Way

Mommy son have a special relationship. It started when he was a little boy. Mommy would pick him up and tickle him and little Nolan would laugh and giggle and hug mommy and kiss her right on the mouth. Mommy would kiss him right back and the more they kissed the longer the kisses became. Nolan was about 13 years old when the kisses became more passionate and he and he and mommy would sneak in these passionate tongue, spit swapping french kisses when daddy was gone and out of the house.

When Nolan was 16 mommy would sneak into his bedroom and not only kiss him passionately in the mouth but let him suck her huge tits. When they heard daddy walk in the door mommy would pull her bra back down over her tits and run downstairs to meet daddy. Then the day came when daddy called and said he was leaving town for a business trip and would be gone for a couple of days. Mommy and son had the whole house to themselves. It was the perfect time to take their passionate petting to the next level.

It was time for Mommy and son to go all the way.

As soon as daddy’s car pulled off mommy’s clothes were off and Nolan’s cock was hard and erect. He was ready to drive inside of mommy’s pussy. Nolan pounded mommy’s pussy so good that his mommy screamed his name as he came inside her pussy.

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