Mommy raped her boy

Mommy got tired of finding my panties under his pillow when I would clean his room.  Pair after pair, soiled with his young cum.  He didn’t even have hair on his dick and he was throwing loads into my intimates.  I think I had finally hit the wall one day, shortly after school started when he was 11.  I went into his room and found not 1, but 3 pairs of my silky panties under his pillow and two of them were still warm with his splooge.  Then I paced around his room, opening dresser drawers, tossing his sheets off of his bed, getting really pissed off.  Did he know those sexy panties were expensive, and quite frankly was an accessory to my daytime play when he was at school?

I waited for him to get him, and went up to his room, and sat on the edge of his bed.

He walked in and coyly came over to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.  He asked me why I was in his room.  I told him that I had been cleaning it and I found a few things that I was not happy about.  His cheeks got flush and he started getting very nervous.

I sat on his bed, in front of him, and asked him to take his clothes off.  He didn’t move.  I stood up at the foot of his bed and told him to take his clothes off.  He slowly did.  His tiny fingers were trembling as he unbuttoned his school shirt.  I reached forward and undid his belt.  I yanked down his pants.  Now he is standing in front of me in his Batman briefs, and I YANK them down to his ankles.

I reached under the pillow on his bed, where I had found all of my panties, and I throw them at his dick.

He starts apologizing and begging me not to tell daddy.  I’m just fuming at this point.  I make him pick up my panties and slip all three pairs on his tiny young dick, creamy pair on the bottom.  I make him sit in his chair with his young dick covered in his own cum from this morning, and I decide to strip in front of him.  Asking him the whole time if this is what he wanted.  I grabbed my luscious tits and squeeze them close to his face.  I spread my slender thighs around his lap, and start to grind on him with my bare pussy.

He starts begging me to stop, spewing empty promises that he won’t do it again, tears starting to roll down his face.  I tell him to grab his dick and pull it out of my panties.  I wrap my long fingers around his dick, don’t even stroke him hard and stuff him inside of me.   He is really starting to cry now.  Begging mommy to stop, but I am fed up, and he needs to learn a lesson.

As I grind on his soft cock, something starts to happen.  Imagine that…he was getting hard, but his breathing was still rapid and his eyes were still tearing.  I grabbed the back of his head and yanked on his hair.  “Is this what you wanted?’, and I go faster on him.  “Is this why you steal my panties?”  “No Mommy, please stop Mommy!”, and I cover his mouth with my hand and shut him the fuck up, cause Mommy sure as shit knew, this was exactly what my boy wanted.  Mommy raped her boy that day after school, but it wasn’t over then…he did a whole lot more crying before we were finished.

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