I Never Thought I’d Be There While Mommy Punished Brother!

I will never forget the day mommy punished brother for being naughty at the mall. My brother I should mention is younger than me but not by too much.

We all know a classic sex story that includes some family drama. My brother Trevor has always had a habit of getting into trouble ever since I can remember. Like the time, okay perhaps more than one time, when my mommy caught Trevor in her closet. I remember this occurred around the holidays. My mommy heard a noise coming from in the closet where she hid all the presents out of sight of the children. When she went to go investigate, Trevor wasn’t going through the presents as she thought. It was something much worse than she imagined. I don’t think it was so bad though. Trevor stood in the closet stripped of all his clothes except for mommy’s panties.

My brother likes wearing my mommy’s panties!

Trevor’s fetish started with panties, then it moved onto stockings, skirts, bras, and lingerie. Mommy even found some of her clothes hidden under his bed. It seemed that Trevor wanted to hold onto his favorite clothes of mommy’s.

One day the school called my mommy and said he was looking under some of the teacher’s skirts. My mommy punished him swiftly by spanking Trevor as soon as he got home from school. After that, Trevor tried to keep his desires under wraps. He wasn’t too successful as he still dressed in mommy’s clothes in secret. He did confide to me about how soft mommy’s panties felt against his private parts and how it made him feel all tingly down there.

I just thought it was a phase and hoped he would find his way. That’s what mommy thought at first too, but it turns out we were both wrong.

Mommy punished brother at the mall for all to see!

Trevor’s ultimate punishment happened at the mall when while we were holiday shopping. We went to many stores including the game store, toy stores, clothing, and so much more. I noticed that Trevor was antsy and seemed more interested in the Women’s Clothing stores. I just shrugged and dismissed it.

Mommy left Trevor and me alone to go look at something a few aisles over. Suddenly, Trevor disappeared. Where in the heck was he? Mommy found Trevor and grabbed him and brought him over. He had totally stripped out of his clothing in a dressing room. First, Mommy yelled at both of us while everyone looked over at us. Next, she took us back into the dressing room and spanked both of us. I’ll never forget being bent over her knees and getting a bare-bottom spanking. It both tingled and felt so humiliating.

However, it gets worse for my brother!

Mommy punished her brother, but she wasn’t done humiliating him. She made Trevor dress in panties that Mommy picked out, a skirt, a top, and a bra. Mommy finished his outfit with small heels and stockings.

Immediately I could see a bulge under the skirt. He fidgeted. Next, Mommy made him march out into the mall. At first, he cried, then started walking with his head down. Everyone looked over at us. For the most part, everyone thought Trevor was a sulking girl being dragged along for shopping by mommy.

The icing on the cake when she made him get onto Santa’s lap.  The moment she sat him down Santa’s knee started to rub him in all the right places. Suddenly that tingling feeling returned. Of course, Santa thought the little girl had to go to the bathroom or that she was being fidgety. The man in the red suit tickled Trevor who squirmed and giggled and started getting even harder. Next, the man bounced him up and down and Trevor started to moan as his dick rubbed his knee and the skirt and panties.

So let’s just say the afternoon was quite interesting for everyone involved. Trevor certainly had a memorable holiday experience!

Did you like how mommy punished brother?

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