When Mommy caught me on my knees and sucking Daddy’s dick when I was a young girl she yanked me by my hair and drove me straight to the church to repent.

I didn’t even have time to wipe Daddy’s cum from my lips. She pulled the car up to the side door of the church. She didn’t say one word to me. She knocked on the side door of the church. We stood their for about 2 minutes before a nun with sleepy eyes opened the door. She asked what we wanted at that time of night. My mother told her that I needed to repent on the deepest level because I had been caught being a dirty slut like Lot’s daughters in the Bible.

The nun said nothing else. She let us in and led us up a winding, dark staircase. I was scared and in pain because mom was holding my upper arm so tightly. We finally made it to a door at the top of the stairs. The nun knocked on the door and said, “Father, I have a young girl here who needs to repent. Are you available?” There was silence at first, then the door slowly creaked open. The nun turned to my mom and said, “You should leave now. When you get her back she will be completely cleansed of the sexual demon that resides in her.” With those words, the nun walked my mother back down the stairs.

A deep voice told me to come into the door. A light came on when I stepped in further and I could see that the voice was coming from Father Anthony, our parish priest. He was standing with a long black robe on. The room had nothing in it but a twin bed and a lamp. He told me to come over to him and get on my knees. He said that he knew just from looking at me in church services that one day I would have to be cleansed. He said that I had the spirit of Jezebel and that he was going to rid me of it that night.

He opened his robe and his cock popped out. He told me to suck his cock and cleanse my mouth of all dirty words. He pumped his hard cock in and out of my mouth. I was moaning because of the force he was putting behind every thrust. My tongue and lips wrapped tightly around his shaft as he held the back of my head down and fucked the back of my throat. After a few minutes of me getting my mouth cleansed, Father Anthony told me to go over to the bed and bend over. He removed his robe and revealed that he was completely naked.

He said that this next part was going to be intense, but that he had to do it in order to rid me of the sex demon that lived in my genitals. He lived my blue dress that I had on. He rubbed my ass cheeks, spat into his hand, stroked his cock with his spit lubed hand and then slammed his cock inside of my ass hole. He started pounding me super hard. I could barely breathe, that’s how hard he was fucking my tiny ass. He was chanting words that I couldn’t make out.

Then he took his cock out of my ass and slammed it into my pussy. He said that he was going to plant the seed of God in my womb. The warm flow of his cum gushing from my pussy hole made me cum hard on his cock. He came inside of me and pumped me hard until every drop of his seed was planted. My ass and pussy holes were gaping. Then while saying, “In the name of the Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost, I deem you cleansed my child.” He held his cock in his hand and pissed all over my body.

The nun put me in a shower and gave me plain white clothes to put on. When mom picked me up she said that she could tell that I had been cleansed of the sex demon. A week later I had a hard time explaining to her why my bed sheets smelled like grandpa’s cologne…but that’s a whole other story.



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