Mommy’s son is not a boy any more. I can see that. You’re so tall and handsome and your voice is so deep and sexy. Mommy’s boy has entered into manhood. I remember when you were a baby and I held you in my arms and nursed you at my breast. It gave me joy to nourish my little man and watch him grow. You were a little biter always biting mommy’s tit before you sucked it and then squeezing  mommy’s nipple and crying for more and mommy would always let you suck up the last drop . I could not resist you then and I cannot resist you now. Look at you. You’re a college graduate and working in your field and you just purchased your first home. I’m so proud of you, baby. And now you’ve invited Mommy over to your house to cook for me and serve me as I’ve done for you all your life. Oh honey, mommy is so flattered. Mmm… all smells so good. You know spaghetti is mommy’s favorite.  I love how you swirl the spaghetti on the fork and gently put it into mommy’s mouth. My son is now feeding me. Oh how precious.

Mommy's hungry
Feed me, baby.


Oops! Some spaghetti sauce just spilled on mommy’s blouse. No worries, I’ll just take it off. Oh my, did a meat ball just drop in mommy’s lap? Oh honey, you didn’t have to pick it up with your teeth, but I’m glad you did. Now I will have to take off my skirt too so it doesn’t get any more stains on it.  Oh now, honey, I think you’re being clumsy on purpose. You just dropped more sauce on mommy’s new bra. Oh well, I will have to take it off now. You know how expensive mommy’s bras are. With my big tits they cost a fortune. But that’s okay, baby. Keep feeding mommy. What did you say, baby? You have something better than spaghetti to put in my mouth? Oh goodie a surprise. You say you want me to close my eyes and open my mouth wide? Okay, honey. I know it’s something I will love. My eyes are closed and my mouth is wide open. Mommy is ready for her surprise. What’s that I hear? Was that your zipper? Oh my, you’re putting something big and hard in mommy’s mouth. Ooh, it tastes so good but I don’t want to bite it I just want to lick it.

It taste so good.
Mmm…taste so good

Mmm….oh it’s so big and tasty I just have to open my eyes and see what it is. Oh baby, mommy is sucking your cock? Mmm….it feels so good in my mouth and tastes so good. Oh and now you are squeezing mommy’s tits and pinching my nipples just like you used to. There’s no more milk inside theses jugs because you’re not a baby anymore.  But now, after all these years,  feeling your grown up hands squeezing my tits is so much better. It feels so sexy. Mommy loves her grown up son. Now you’re putting your finger inside my lace panties. My pussy is so wet right now. Oh, baby I feel your finger inside my pussy. Now you’ve slide two fingers up inside mommy’s dripping wet pussy and you keep twirling and thrusting your fingers around and back and forth and making my pussy so wet. Oh baby, Mommy’s pussy is dripping wet and sticky and  I crave that cock of yours inside me. Yes baby, you heard me right. I want you to fuck mommy.

Oh honey, you’re so strong. Look how you just lifted mommy up and carried me into your bedroom and threw me on the bed. You’re like a cave man. Watching you standing in front of me taking off the rest of your clothes and stripping for me and letting me see just what kind of man you’ve grown up to be brings out the cave woman in me too. Watch me pull these panties off, baby, and throw them in your face. Ooh, look how much harder your cock got when you smelled my sticky panties and licked the crotch. Look how mommy has spread her legs wide for you. Oh honey, watching you crawl on the bed with that rock hard eight inch cock is making mommy crazy with passion. Oh yes, honey, keep stroking that cock up and down on mommy’s clit and getting my pussy even wetter while you suck on my titties. Mmm…it feels so good. Oh, kiss mommy, baby. Let me stick my tongue way down your throat and bite on your bottom lip and kiss you like no other woman can. Oh yes,baby,  go ahead and suck hard on my mommy’s tits with your wet mouth and sexy lips as mommy leans  back and lets you slide that rock hard cock deep inside my pussy. Mmm…you’re cock is big and hard and thick. You fill up mommy’s pussy better than your daddy ever did. You’re all the man I need, son. Fill me up with your eight in cock. Drive it in my wet pussy, hard!  Oh yes, baby, push it in hard….harder…oh yes…FUCK MOMMY. Fuck mommy good. Oh yes, and keep sucking my tits. Ouch! I see you’re still a biter. Oh my big strong son. You turned mommy over and spread my ass cheeks so good. Go ahead baby, and punish mommy’s ass. I’ve been so naughty. You have to wail on my ass. Drive it all the way up mommy’s ass. Oh yes….yes….mmmm….honey. Now, pull that cock out of mommy’s ass and that big dick right between mommy’s sweaty tits and titty fuck mommy. Oh yes, baby, your mommy has big tits that can swallow your man size dick. Push it baby. Yes, push it while mommy squeezes her tits on your cock. Oh, harder now….keep pushing….keep pushing. Oh baby, cum for mommy. CUM for MOMMY! Oh yes, squirt out all that creamy cum all over mommy’s titty’s. Oh baby, I love to watch it ooze out of your cock. And the look on your face when you cum for mommy turns me on even more because I know I’ve pleased you. Yes, baby, now rub that creamy cum all over my tits with those strong grown up hands.  It feels so good and warm and sticky. I want to lick it off. Yes, baby, watch mommy lick up all your creamy, sticky cum off my big titties. My titties are so big and push them up to my mouth. Watch me.  Mmm….it taste so good and feels so good running down my throat. Baby, you can invite mommy over for dinner anytime. MOMMY LOVES HER GROWN UP SON! Thank you, baby, for being the MAN mommy needs you to be.

written by: GENIE G. (aka  “Momma Genie”)

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Genie 888-643-2055