Mommy knows that you read sex stories every night, but she just hasn’t told you yet.

When you walk through the door of your bedroom, you see me sitting on the edge of your bed. Nothing looks out of place, but you are curious as to what I am doing. I never go into your room without asking you. But as you get closer, you see what I have in my hands. I am sitting on your bed in a dark red baby doll reading a magazine. You start to get ruffled when you see I’m reading one of your nude porn magazines with very dirty sex stories in it.

“Oh Darling, Did you think you could keep this a secret forever?” I ask you while slightly smiling. Before you are able to react, I reach out and nonchalantly move my hand right against your crotch. You start to flinch, but then you slowly lean into me.

“Who knew my little stepson was such a mischievous boy!”

You start to moan, just from me rubbing you. I can’t take you being such a tease. Then I slowly pull your pants down until they are past your knees.

“Well, you certainly are growing for me” I take your cock, and start moving my hand up and down. Your pre-cum starts to drip down my fingertips and on to my hands while I’m jerking you off.

“Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone about your magazines, as long as you save some of your cum for me” Then, I get down on my knees in front of you. My eyes meet yours and neither of us looks away. Your moans get louder and louder as I slide my tongue from the base of your cock all the way to the tip of your fat mushroom head. You try to tell you that you can’t hold back and that nothing as ever felt so good. But that’s when I stop; play time with Mommy has just started.

Mommy wants to keep playing with you! Call me for some fun phone sex.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke

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