Mommy Kisses Daddy and I Don’t Like It, Not One Bit

Mommy kisses daddy and I don’t like it.  She always responds to his lean in.  He walks up behind her while she is washing dishes, puts his arms around her from behind, and kisses her on the neck.  She grabs his head and turns to him for their lips to meet and I don’t like it.  It makes me furious.  Those are my kisses!

Why would daddy kiss mommy?  I know that’s how I got here, but geez!  He’s mine now!  I get whatever I want, but he still wants her.  I used to want to be her.  She was like a goddess in my eyes.  Now, I know I’m a better, more upgraded model.  Isn’t the upgrade always better? 

As daddy’s little girl, I get to pout and suck up every ounce of his affection.  Yet, and still, he somehow conjures up enough for her.  Mommy kisses daddy, and he acts like he likes it.  It is so different when he kisses me.  He kisses her as if he wants to get lost in her.  As if, she was the only girl in the whole world.  Could that be a facade? He told me I was his favorite girl!

Mommy kisses daddy, and I wish she would not. 

He leaves traces of her lipstick on his collar and his neck.  On Sundays, she wears the good lipstick that doesn’t smudge, but I can tell that daddy likes it when her lipstick smudges all across his lips.  I’ve seen him smile in the mirror or take a double-take, at dinner when he wiped his mouth with his napkin.  It is one of those flashback smiles, and I wonder what is such a delight about it.  

Mommy kisses daddy in his mouth, on his neck, and seems to not care that I’m watching.  She gets really kinky with it.  Mommy kisses daddy with a dropped eye line, then affectionately looks up at him with pure admiration.  Their gaze meets, and they both smile.  (Sigh) Why doesn’t daddy look at me like that? 

Daddy looks at mommy as if he were hungry for more.  He’s my daddy, why is he so hungry for mommy?  She isn’t even sweet.  Mommy is a bit of sass, class, and ginger ale.  Daddy could be hungry for those red lips and ruby red nails to grace his body.  Could it be that itty bitty waist, and those full hips in that pencil skirt she wears to work each day?  Mommy is a fan of heels, wool, silk, satin, and lace.  Her hair always frames her face, and you will seldom catch it undone.  She is from an era where hosiery was a thing.  Her stockings are ordered from the UK, Ireland, and Canada on a regular basis.

Mommy’s skin is fair and like porcelain. 

Her hairline is full and dense, for it never sees a ponytail.  There is nothing girlish about mommy.  She is ALL WOMAN! Now that may be misleading for him to tell me that I’m his favorite girl.  Until this very moment, I assumed mommy was a girl.  Even so, mommy kisses daddy and I don’t like it.  Not one bit.  He’s my daddy, and he should serve me, cater to me, and do whatever I like.  When mommy kisses daddy, I see that they are evenly yoked, and serve one another.  Mommy plays that power game to ensure I know my rightful place as “daddy’s little girl” and not his sexual interest!  


Why doesn’t daddy fondle me, and caress me as he does mommy?  I’ve seen her slip her hands in his zipper under the kitchen table and play with his pogo stick.  When she is around, he doesn’t give me piggyback rides, rub my sunscreen on like a pro, or kiss me in the mouth.  When she leaves, he does all of that and more.  

I caught daddy sniffing my panties the other day as he was doing the laundry.  He had a boner from my cheerleading shorts.  “The sweater, the better,” he says.  Then proceeds to inhale the aroma of my little sweaty pussy.  “That little cunt!,” he moans.  Then proceeds to place them in the washer. 

One night, I couldn’t sleep.  I was tossing and turning and felt as if someone was watching me or touching me as I slept.  When I woke up, there was some pasty dried up substance all in my sheets.  When I change Marco’s bedding, I find this same substance on the socks on the floor next to the bed.  I wonder what happened after daddy finished reading me, my bedtime story?  

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