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His Step Mommy felt so lonely because her husband no longer wanted her. The rejection drew her too long for love and male companionship. She could not help but notice that her stepson was growing into a fine young man. He was into sports and often came home sweaty from basketball practice. Step mommy would smell his soiled worn clothes and become aroused inhaling his stench. She caught a glimpse of him in the shower and her pussy got sticky wet and she began to masturbate. She could not stop fantasizing about her hot stepson and his big cock.

One afternoon when she thought she was alone she took three of his photos and laid them on her bed. His class photo as well as one in his basketball uniform and another in his swim trunks. She spread her legs wide with the photos in between her thighs. She sipped her wine and stared at him and dreamt of sucking his big hard cock and fucking him. Then she began to stroke her clit and finger her pussy and moan erotically. All of a sudden she looked up and saw her handsome stepson staring at her. He sat by her side and watched her masturbate. She couldn’t stop herself.

He saw the pictures between her legs and softly said, “Mommy, would you rather have the real thing?”.

He slid his hand between her legs and began to finger fuck her pussy. She pulled off his pants and squirted when she saw his huge cock. She spread her legs wide and let her stepson slide his cock into her tight wet pussy and fuck her hard. He whispered in her ear, “Mommy, I love you.”

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