Mommy Helps Little Girl Loose Her Virginity!

Mommy loves to play with her little girl. But, she was still a virgin so I had to fix that. One of my friends came over to help me correct this issue.

Kylie was such a good girl. She got undressed for Mommy and showed my friend every inch of her tight, sexy little body.

He had her lay down on her back. I held her arms down while he stuck his tongue between her sweet young legs. She bucked under him and started squirming. I held her tightly and told her to be a good girl and cum. Let him taste all of your sweet juices baby.

And she did. She exploded all over his face. Gave him every drop of delicious milky cum.

Then it was time for her to take his huge cock. Her pussy was so tight and small we weren’t too sure if it would fit or not, but with Mommy’s encouragement we were sure he would get it inside her.

He pushed the tip of his cock in her. She screamed, but I told her everything would be okay. He could feel the head of his cock pushing through her hymen. I could tell when he broke it because of the look on his face and the scream my little girl let out. I shushed her in the gentlest way I could.

But, after he started pumping into her, her yells of pain turned to moans of pleasure and she came so hard all over his cock. I kept telling her to take his cock deeper. I could see his head poking her stomach out a little bit with every thrust.

It was so hot turning my little virgin girl into a thirsty little whore.

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