Mommy’s Hard Nipples

Finally, so crisp fall night to perk up Mommy’s hard nipples.  I know I drive you crazy as I walk around the house in your daddy’s shirt, no bra, bouncing my big tits with every step.  Why don’t we wait for daddy to go to bed so we can cuddle up?  Mommy needs her baby boy to keep her warm tonight.

I curl up on the couch, my long legs stretched out, and my t-shirt jut long enough to cover my stomach but still letting my sexy panties show.  See you looking out of the corner of your eye, trying to catch a glimpse of my tight pussy.  I rub my foot up and down my calf, toying with your raging teenage hormones.  Mommy wants your young big hard cock just as bad as you want her perfect tight cunt.  You can’t help but notice my panties getting really wet.  I am turned on just as much as you my young man.

You run to your room, trying your hardest to hide your big hard on.  I see it clearly, but let you go.  Can’t stop thinking about how hot it would be to be your first fuck and show you how to be a real man.  I come to room, look through the crack in your door, to see you jerking your nice big cock.  I push the door, our eyes lock, and you shoot your load all over the bed.  Maybe next time Mommy can lend you a hand as I hand you a hand towel to clean up that huge mess you just made thinking about me.

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