Mommy and the Dirty Little Sexy Secret

Mommy told him to come into her room because she wanted to show him something. He was a good boy and always did what his mom said to do. “What do you want to show me?”, he asked in a shy voice. His mother opened her robe to show him her huge tits. His young teenage body had a reaction he was unfamiliar with. Her nipples were hard and he could feel his dick getting hard in his pants as he stared at them. “Do you want to suck my tits?”, she whispered. He was speechless but nodded yes and jumped on the bed.

She lifted up her left tit and put it in his eager, hungry mouth. He sucked hard on her nipple and heard her moan as she leaned back. She put her hand on his hard cock and said,”Well, since you are sucking my tit I should suck something on your body.” She unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard dick and began to suck on it. He moaned with desire. “You like that. Don’t you?” He whispered, “Yes ma’am.”

She put her finger to her pursed lips and said, “SShhh….don’t tell anyone. Let this be our dirty sexy secret.”


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