Mommy Daughter Blackmail

My Mommy always knew how to train her daughter and teach me how to be get ahead.  Blackmail was one of her favorite lessons.  A man will do pretty much anything you say if you have enough dirt on him.  Sometimes, though, she needed her favorite daughter to lend a hand in one of her schemes.  Mommy daughter blackmail become sort of a bonding experience for us.  I did everything she said and so did the men.  It was amazing the things she could make guys do.

My mom had just started working at a new company.  The owner, and her boss, was an older man in his early fifties, with an obvious wondering eyes for the ladies in the building.  My mom felt she was a little older than her liked so she needed me to come in and help her out.  She assured me this blackmail job wouldn’t be hard and it would be perfect for getting my feet wet.  She would have me come in in my school girl uniform.  My tight teen body was just too much for him to resist.  He couldn’t keep his eyes off me.

 Mommy knew she had him tight where we needed him.

I came in one day while my mom was out at lunch.  I knocked on his door and came in.  He looked me up and down, undressing me with his eyes.  I asked if I could wait in his office until my mom got back.  Of course he said yes, and I had a seat.  I played with my hair, crossed and uncrossed my legs, making sure he got a glimpse at my panties, and took off my jacket so he could see my big tits.  He was practically drooling.  Mommy taught me well and I knew exactly what to do next.

I walked over to the side of his desk.  Then I sat down on the corner and told him how attracted I was to older men.  I opened my legs and, like he was being drawn in by a magnet, he began to rub my upper thigh.  My soft, smooth skin made him rock hard.  I dropped down to my knees as he ran his hands through my long blonde hair.  His cock was thick, long, and delicious.  I was bobbing my head and giving him the best sloppy blow job I could when mommy opened his door.

He jumped from his chair in shock.

 His hard cock right in view as I stood up wiping my mouth.  My mom began to yell and carry on.  He begged her to be quiet and my mom told me to go home.  The next day, my mom got an amazing new position with an unbelievable raise.  She would come home with expensive gifts and eventually even got a new car out of the deal.  Mommy knew what she was doing and I couldn’t wait to be just like her.  Mommy daughter blackmail is very lucrative.

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