Daddy and mommy were awesome about teaching me. I always had zillions of questions about everything new to me.
Daddy was a great teacher, he would calmly show me how to do things the right way. Mommy would always help where she could. Typically I would go to her for the most private kinds of things. Right now I wanted the skinny on boys and how sex worked. Where did the penis go anyway?
Mommy sat me on the edge of the bed and told me to wait just a minute while she grabbed daddy. She came back into the room all smiles. Daddy asked what was up so mommy filled him in. “Seems our little girl is curious about boys and sex darlin.”
Daddies eyes grew but only for a moment. “Well, I guess it is that time. You’re the right age to be taught about sex sweetie.” Daddy said. I smiled at them both and nodded. Mommy told me to take my clothing off because everything would be easier to understand naked.
I trust my parents implicitly so I did as I was told. I felt foolish standing naked until daddy told me to take his clothing off of him. Once I had him down to just him underwear mommy instructed me to touch the front of his boxer shorts. When I did I felt his hard cock bulging to escape.
I felt my mother’s reassuring hand on my shoulder. She was queuing me to to get down on my knees. I settled myself on the floor in a kneeling position. Looking up into my father’s smiling eyes he told me to pull his cock out. I did it gently as to not catch it on the band.
My mother held his cock for me and told me to suck. I have to say his cock tasted amazing! Eventually, daddy asked me to stop. I got onto the bed and laid back like instructed. I nearly ripped the comforter when I felt daddy press his tongue into my wet pussy lips. My mother explained how a man could make a girl feel just as good and all that went along with sex.
Daddy slid a finger into my tight virgin pussy and fingered at my hymen. Looking up at me he explained that my virginity would need to go to truly begin understanding how sex worked.
Find out next week what happens! Daddy and mommy show me how wonderful sex is, but they also show me how awful it can be when they share me with friends!