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Who doesn’t love a hot teen? I know a naughty little secret about my parents and if they don’t do what I say, then I’m going to tell everyone. It would ruin their great reputation in town and no one would ever look at them the same way again. I love the feeling of power I have over them and I plan to take full advantage of it. My parents have hired a hot teenager named Kristen to babysit my younger brother and I think her blonde hair and big breasts have a lot to do with how she got the job. I went over to my parent’s house, because I needed Daddy to fix my laptop but didn’t bother letting them know I was dropping by. They’re always home in the evenings and their car was in the driveway like I knew it would be.

I let myself in and didn’t see my brother, he was probably next door and called out for Daddy. He didn’t answer so I went upstairs and heard moans coming from the bedroom. I thought my parent’s were having sex and I know it’s wrong, but I wanted to watch them. The door was open and I hung back a bit so they wouldn’t see me, but I could see them. It took me a minute to realize what I was seeing and all I could do was stand there watching them.

Kristen was lying in bed with Daddy’s face in her hot teen pussy and Mommy was sucking on one of her breasts while fingering herself.

I slipped my phone out because a video like this could come in handy one day and got every lick and groan. I filmed them for a few minutes as my pussy got wet then stepped into the room, getting their attention. Mommy and Kristen both looked at Daddy with guilty looks on their faces, expecting him to fix this.

It was useless though; they’d been caught.

I told them to relax and smile for the camera then put my phone in my pocket. “Is she any good?” I asked, nodding at Kristen and my parents grinned. I walked over to the bed and sat down, pulling hot teen Kristen to me. Then I kissed her long and hard as I thought about what to do. I realized I had a free pass and they couldn’t say “No.” to anything I wanted. I pushed Kristen away from me and told her to eat Mommy’s pussy while Daddy fucked her. She didn’t need telling twice and began licking Mommy as Daddy pulled her ass up. He pushed into her and began fucking her while Mommy held her head down.

I watched them as my pussy ached so bad it hurt and I slid a hand down into my jeans, touching myself as I told Daddy to pull her hair. Hedid, yanking her away from Mommy for a second and making her cry out in pain. When he let her go Mommy pushed her back down and rubbed her pussy on her.

I kept giving them orders, treating them like puppets until Mommy and Daddy had cum all over her hot teen body.

I pulled Kristen away from Mommy and Daddy and dragged her to her feet. “You’re going to come with me and do what I tell you. Mommy, Daddy you’re going to have to keep each other company and from now on, you’re going to tell me when she’s coming over. I’m going to watch every nasty thing you do with her and I’m going to join in. If I catch you sneaking around again I’m going to tell everyone. I took Kristen to my room and finally got my pussy played with. If you wanna hear how I manipulated Kristen, then call me! If you like a hot teen that is…

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