You’ve got your hard cock in your hands and surprise! Mommy walks in!

You can’t believe she just came into your room. You know mommy is going to get you into so much trouble. You’re being a very bad boy and you know you’re going to get punished but instead, she just gives you a wicked grin. It’s like she knew what you were doing and she came in anyways. You’re frozen and she comes all the way in and shuts the door behind her. As she moves closer to the bed you try to pull the covers up but she grabs them so you can’t.

“What are you doing there son? Are you being bad? It looks like you’re being very bad. You’ve got quite a hard cock their baby.” She reaches down and wraps her hand around yours, moving them up and down together. Your eyes get huge but oh my god it feels amazing doesn’t it? Why is this turning you on so much? It’s so wrong but it feels so right. You reach out and brush mommy’s hard nipple through her nightgown.

She gasps and then leans forward kissing the head of your cock.

“Mmm, that’s a good boy making mommy feel good. Do you want mommy to show you how good you can feel?” You nod eagerly and she pulls off her nightgown. She leans forward again and pulls your hand away from your cock. Her tongue slides out from between her lips and she places it at the base of your cock. She slowly slides it up and down your cock and it feels amazing. No one has ever done that to you before and in about 2 minutes you’re going to explode if she doesn’t stop. Then she puts the head of your cock in her mouth and sucks…hard. You know she’s going to make you cum over and over again and you can’t wait to get more.

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