I’m a very clever Naughty Mommy. When my stepson turned thirteen my husband and I spent a fortune on a Bar Mitzvah party. In my husband’s faith his son was now a man. And I started see just how much of a man he was. A couple of weeks after the big party I saw my stepson just step out of the shower and walk his naked body to his room. He wanted me to him. He gave me a glance to let me know that he wanted me to see his huge cock manly cock. Hmmm…..if he’s that big at thirteen I wonder how big he’ll be at eighteen?

I started lusting after my step son and he knew. He would always find ways of exposing his body to me in a very casual way in order to get me used to the idea. Once he walked into my bedroom butt naked and asked, “Hey step mommy can I borrow your baby powder?” I couldn’t help but stare at his throbbing cock. It was such naughty flirting especially since my husband was downstairs in his man cave watching the game.

It excited me to see his hot young body with my husband in the house. I slowly walked over to him with the baby powder in my hand and said, “Sure, honey. Do you want step-mommy to pour it on you?” As he looked at me I see his cock getting hard. He turned around and with his back and his tight ass toward me and said, “Yes ma’am. Could you pour it on my back and rub some on my glutes, please?” Now you know that his “glutes” are really his ass.

So I said, “Sure baby.” So as I rubbed the baby powder on his back and shoulders and could tell he’d been lifting weights. He felts so strong and tight. Then I slid my hands down to his naked ass and rubbed my hands up and down his firm butt cheeks. I could tell he was stroking his cock while massaging his ass so I slid my finger between his butt cheeks and I hear him sigh. “Oh Step Mommy…mmmmm.” “Do you like that, baby? Does that feel good?”

He moaned with pleasure so I reached both hands around his hips and slid my fingers under his balls. He gasped. I could feel his hard cock and his hands stroking his dick. I whispered in his ear, “Let step mommy do that for you.” So I stroked his cock until he came in my hand and I let him watch me lick it off my fingers.  All of a sudden I heard the cheer of sports fans on the television and my husband raving about his winning team.

My stepson ran to his room and I threw a towel on the cum on the floor. My husband ran to me and said, “Woo hoo…..they won. Honey, you don’t mind if I go out drinking with the guys to celebrate, do you?” I hugged him and said, “No honey, I don’t mind. Go have fun with your friends and stay out as late as wanted. Okay.” At that moment my pussy got moist to know that I would be home alone with my stepson.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke