Mommies little baby loves his mommy

Mommies little baby is such a pretty boy.
Mommies baby loves to suck on mommies tits.
Mommies  baby loves it when the milk comes squirting into his mouth.
Mommies little baby tries to play in the milk too.
Mommies baby is wearing a cute little one-piece pajama outfit.
Mommies little baby loves his baby food doesn’t like the green kind.
Mommies  baby made a stinky poo, needs a diaper change.
Mommies little baby made a big mess and needs a bath.

Mommy runs her baby boy bath water.
Mommy makes sure the water isn’t too hot.
Mommy loves watching her baby boy play in the tub.
Mommy gives her baby toys to splash around with.
Mommy just got splashed too.
Mommy giggles and tells baby no splashing.
Mommy says it’s time to get out.
Mommy drys her baby boy off.
Mommy dresses him in clean pajamas.
Mommy gives him a bottle.

Mommies  baby sucks on his bottle.
Mommies  baby asks mommy to read him a story.
Mommies  baby get into his little bed.
Mommies  baby hands mommy his favorite book.
Mommies  baby cuddles up to mommy.
Mommies  baby listens as mommy tells him the story.
Mommies baby laughs at a funny part.

Mommy loves hearing her baby boy laugh.
Mommy cuddles her baby boy even closer.
Mommy wraps a blanket over them to stay nice and warm.
Mommy loves her baby boy.
Mommy loves to read her baby boy.
Mommy loves their special time.
Mommy never wants it too end.

Mommies little baby starts to yawn.
Mommies baby is getting sleepy.
Mommies little baby start to doze off to the sound of mommy reading.

Mommy hears her baby boy snoring.
Mommy kisses her baby and says goodnight.
Mommy closes the book and says quietly the end.

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