Momma’s Sweet Panty Boy

Jason is a Panty Boy. He’s nineteen years old and he doesn’t have many friends his age. He dropped out of college his first semester and moved out the dormitory and went back to live with his mommy. Which is what he wanted to do anyway. You see, Jason couldn’t stand being away from home and missing out on the opportunity to sneak into his mother’s room and dip his hand deep inside her dirty clothes hamper and pull out a pair of mommy’s soiled panties. He was addicted to the smell of her lovely cunt.

He would sit in the corner with the panties laying on top of his face and just breath in the scent of her sweet-smelling pussy. Then he would stroke his cock with mommy’s panties on his face and lick the crotch imagining he was licking her pussy. Now that the Panty Boy was back home from college he wasn’t embarrassed about being a drop-out. He didn’t care about that. He waited until Mommy went to work and snuck into her room. Jason pulled out a pair lavender panties. He put them on his face and breathed in her scent. He pulled out his cock and began to stroke it.

Then the door opens. It’s Mommy. “JASON….what are you doing?”

He couldn’t stop stroking his cock. “Oh mommy I love the smell of your pussy”. I can’t help it.” His mother watched him stroke his cock and began to unbutton her blouse. “Oh mommy, you’re tits are beautiful”,  Jason sighed. Mommy sat next to him, pulled off her bra, squeezed her tits together, leaned in and let Jason slide his cock between her enormous tits. Jason thought, “Aw…it’s great to be home.”


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