When I was younger I had always been attracted to guys with a hairy chest until I dated a guy who was an all-natural bodybuilder who kept his body clean-shaven. I liked touching him. I liked running my hands up and down his body. Liked wiggling my wet tongue up and down his six-pack abs. It felt so good and his sweat tasted so sweet. I couldn’t get enough.

When he would sweat after good work out I wouldn’t let him wipe it off with a towel. I had my own way to absorb the sweat beads. I stuck out my tongue and started to lick. The sweat between his thighs was sweet and salty and I go crazy licking it up knowing I was so close to his cock and his creamy cum. I would rise up and run my tongue across his neck and nibble on his ear then circle my tongue around and around over his nipples and feel them get hard in my mouth. I knew that if his nipples were hard that his cock was harder. So I would inch my way back down and bury my head in his crotch.

I would open my mouth wide and start lightly licking his sweaty balls and move my way up to the base of his throbbing cock. Mmm, it felt so good. I flicked my tongue up and down his long dick and twirled my tongue around that fat mushroom head of his cock. Ooh, his pre cum tasted so sweet. I circled my tongue around and around the head of his cock until I just had to suck it. I sucked it slow and long and let my wet tongue slide all the way up and down as my wet lips kept a tight suction on his dick. The more I licked and sucked that cock the harder he got.

He pushed it all the way back in my throat and I could feel it choking me. He was pounding it so hard in my mouth and groaning I knew he was about to cum. I couldn’t wait. Mmm, when he exploded that wad of cum in my mouth I swallowed and licked every drop. I smeared some of it on my tits and licked it off of my nipples. It was so good. You know MOMMA LOVES TO LICK IT.

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