A lot of men have fantasies about fucking their Mom, best friend’s mother, and even their girlfriends Mommy.  The never-ending obsession with fucking the sexy MILF. My boyfriend always expressed how he had an incest infatuation and wanted to fuck his mother.  Maybe it was because his father died at a very young age.  This made him grow up rather fast and especially close with his mother.  When we first started fucking – we would always role-play me being his sexy Mommy and doing very naughty things to his little boy cock.   Tony, would get a rock raging hard-on whenever I would tease him.  He would get a big boy stiffy when I would moan “Come lick Mommy’s little snatch.” This was just the beginning of our kinky taboo incest adventure.

Once a week, Tony would invite me over for the family night.  Sometimes it would be a movie night or game night. After two bottles of wine, followed by a few shots while playing “I Never.” Mom was super-duper-fired up and good to go.  Finally, I asked, “have you ever kissed a girl?” Mom took the shot.  Without hesitation. I leaned in and kissed her lips. She didn’t pull away – I wanted Tony to join the kissing party. I wanted to get the ball rolling for his taboo incest phone sex experience to begin. His hands couldn’t stop caressing her body, as Tony kissed his mom. I could feel the bulge in his pants swell up, as his body pressed up against mine. Tony would finally have his fantasy cum true.


Without hesitation, Tony dropped to his knees and began to pull her panties down.  Kissing every inch, as he lingered between her creamy white thighs. Slowly her panties came down to reveal her pubic hair. I expected it to see a perfectly kept pussy like my own.  But instead, it was dark black and bushy as hell.  The vision of seeing his mother’s pussy up close didn’t stop Tony from diving into the feast of pleasure. With her feet apart – he wanted it all. I loved watching his face fill with pure pleasure and excitement. His tongue diving deeper into the bushy.  He found the sweetness was being replaced by something a little tangy than usual. Tony loved licking my pussy and ass for hours – lots of ass and pussy phone sex worship. But there was something about the way he dived right into his mother’s savory pussy. He loved the taste and doubled the force he was applying with his tongue.  His mother’s hairy beaver was getting wetter by the second. Eager for more – he reached up and behind her, grabbing hold of her soft ass cheeks to help steady himself. When he did that, she reached down with one hand and placed it on the back of his head, and pushed his face deeper into her hairy cunt. Her body shivered with pleasure, as she exploded on his tongue.  I could see streams of juice, dripping down her legs. I loved watching as the incestuous seduction continued for hours.


Slowly, he removed her dress and led her to the couch.  Tony didn’t miss a beat – his cock needed to be in the very hole he escaped 18 years ago.  He wanted his cock deep in his mother’s pussy. As I watched – I wanted his mother to lick and taste from my ass to my snatch. This was Tony’s time with his mother.   There would be another time.  I would get to join the fun. He didn’t hesitate to plunge his penis deep and hard.  It appeared as if she was milking his cock with her cunt muscles.  Unable to control his youthful lust, it wasn’t long before he was pounding her so hard. His balls smacking off her ass echoed through-out the house. He had no urgency to shooting his load. All he wanted to do was savor the feeling of his cock going in and out of his mother’s pussy.


Wild incest phone sex with mom was always a taboo fantasy of Tony’s.  Now it’s a fantasy cum true. There are a lot of details I left out of my naughty incest adventure with Tony and his mother. I would love to share all those details as well as talk about your erotic fetish and fantasy fucking with your mom or any other family member. Let’s make your mommy fantasies and fetishes come true.


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