I realized my son had a foot fetish a long time ago when I caught him having phonesex. Ever since he was younger he has always played with and manicured my feet. It was just the other day when I noticed how much my boy loved my feet. That’s what made this one of the best mom foot fetish story I have and the best Christmas present ever. I was sitting on the sofa the other day when my son Jack asked if I would like my feet soaked and a good rub down. I told him that sounded great. He removed my socks and caressed my feet lovingly massaging them. Then he placed them in the warm soapy water.

As I observed him, his breathing quickened and he never removed his eyes from my feet. That’s when I knew he had a mom foot fetish story.

When I realized my son was fantasizing about my feet As he slowly stroked the arches of my feet, sliding his fingers through my toes I became more relaxed. Suddenly his hands left my feet and I opened my eyes, he was standing reaching for more soap, his cock was bulging through his pants. I was shocked that Jack thought of me that way I mean I am his mother. My son’s shocking surprise

He has grown into a hot sexy man though so I decided to go with it. After drying my feet he began slowly stroking them with lotion. That is when I saw his bulge getting larger. Without thought, I took one foot and placed it on his crotch applying a small amount of pressure. He groaned as in agony.  So I began stroking him up and down through his jeans.

When the fun began

He pulled his cock out and gently took both of my feet wrapping them around himself and used them to jerk himself off.  While he was slowly moving my feet up and down his cock, I could feel his young cock throbbing for more. Then he ended up taking one of my feet and putting my toes in his mouth. I was so wet and excited by then, I could feel his tongue rubbing up between my toes.

I decided that I was going to get something fun out of this so I asked him to put my feet back down to his cock and force me to fuck him with my feet. Then I put my hand down my paints. I could feel all my hot wet pussy juices felling up my underwear. So I decided to fuck my self right in front of him. Which made him explode all over me.

The best Christmas Present Ever

He ended by cumming all over my feet. As if coming out of a trance he immediately straightened his clothes and washed my feet again. Then he said Merry Christmas mommy, I love you. As he got up to put the pedicure stuff up and ran back off to his room. I could not stop thinking about him taking my feet and caressing them around his cock. I loved how it felt perhaps you have a foot fetish you should call me today if you have a sexy mom foot fetish story or want to roleplay, I love a good foot fucking!

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