My Mom & Dad Were Strict…But What They Didn’t Know…

My mom and dad were really strict with me growing up. I had a curfew of 8 pm, I wasn’t allowed to wear tank tops or skirts above my knees. I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup.  And I sure as hell wasn’t allowed to date. Which made dating way more fun.

 I got my first boyfriend the summer before I turned 16. His name was Kyle. He was tall and Italian and he worked right up the street from my house. I used to walk up every day after school and wait for him to get off of work, just so we could see each other for a little while before he got home. The whole situation wouldn’t have been a big deal if he wasn’t 18. But I knew that if my dad found out that I was dating someone who was over 18, I knew he’d kill me. So we kept it a secret for months.

One night, sometime in early August, he called me and told me to look out my window. When I peered through the window, there he was, handsome as ever in his dark jeans and T-shirt. I opened my window and climbed out – thank God I was on the first floor. I’d never snuck out before, but I wanted him. We’d talked about it for weeks and had been together for a couple of months, and I was ready.

I wanted to lose my virginity.

We ran to his car, giggling quietly the whole way, knowing that my prudish parents were in bed passed out. He took me to the beach a bit away from my house, we grabbed the pillow and blanket out of the trunk of his car and walked down the beach, holding hands. I was getting more and more nervous as I knew the moment of truth was drawing near. We laid out of the blanket, and I put my head on his chest. His heart beat was not nearly as quick as mine. I knew he wasn’t a virgin, but I figured he’d at least be a little nervous.

He turned towards me and kissed me, gently biting and pulling on my lower lip until I moaned. I could feel that in the pit of my stomach. He slowly slipped his tongue between my lips and started fucking my mouth with his tongue. Somewhere in the back of my head, I knew my mom would never approve, but I didn’t care, and I brushed that thought aside as Kyle slid has hand over my breast and started kneading it through my shirt, circling my nipple with his finger over and over again. I could feel my body getting so tense, but I had no idea why. He sat up and pulled my shirt off of me, then yanked off his own.

It was brisk out, and I couldn’t tell if my nipples were hard because of him, or because of the breeze.

What's mom doesn't know...

He laid me back and leaned down, sucking one of my perky little breasts into his mouth, making me moan and buck my hips. Kyle slid my skirt up and grabbed the waistband of my lacy pink panties, sliding them down over my soft legs and tossing them aside. He leaned down and kissed my shaved cunt, before spreading my legs and sliding his finger up and down my soaked pussy lips.

“You’re so wet baby,” He said, his voice low and dark, “My cock is so hard for you. Are you ready?”

“Yes, please fuck me.”

No sooner did I say that and he was rolling on a condom and slipping his hot throbbing dick inside me.

It stung a bit as he stretched and filled my virgin hole, making me groan. His cock felt so warm as he pushed into me until his hips were pressed against my ass as I lay back in the sand. He started fucking me to a soft rhythm until we were both moaning and sweating. I didn’t know what was going on, but I felt this pressure building up inside of me, and I felt as if I were going to explode. He sped up his rhythm and I screamed as suddenly all the energy that had built up exploded inside me and started flowing out as I lay there dazed and more relaxed than I thought possible. Just as I came, he groaned and collapsed on top of me, we were both spent.

“We really should get me home, before my Mom finds out I’m gone.”

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