You have a mixed wrestling fetish. And you’re about to go down for the count.

Some of my favorite femdom calls fall under the oh-SO fun umbrella that is “mixed wrestling fetish.” In the (not always but often) pornographic world of mixed wrestling, women always beat their male opponents. By the time you’ve called me, you’re ready to submit to me. But that doesn’t mean you’re not going to at least try, however pitifully, to put up a good fight!

It’s scientifically proven that women have stronger hips and legs than men. All the better to crush you in the deadly vice grip of my toned thighs. Penis grabbing, i.e. “cold-cocking your cock,” is permitted in the mixed wrestling fetish arena. Yes, I am about to put your dick in a sleeper hold. How long do you think you’ll last in the ring with me?

It all depends on how much of a lethal bitch you want me to be.

Watching Pumping Iron II a few months ago really inspired me. Have you ever seen it? If you have a mixed wrestling fetish, you probably have. Regular wrestling and male bodybuilding tend to bore me. But women getting jacked is actually interesting. The popular Netflix show about women’s wrestling still shows skinny, waif-like women (mostly, anyway) competing. But that’s not really what women wrestlers necessarily look like. I love seeing a woman with muscles that bulge larger than that bulge in your pants. It is bulging now, isn’t it?

So you’re an agonophilia fetishist, are you? How do you feel about facesitting? As in, me sitting on your face, choking you on my pussy, and drowning you in my cum until the referee declares you KOed. Entering as my “competition” in a mixed wrestling fetish contest means you know you’ve relinquished all “control” you supposedly otherwise had. There are so many other ways according to mixed wrestling fetish match rules I can win besides smothering you with my divine cunt. Shall we count them? Let’s talk about more “hardcore” methods.

How about head scissors? Snip snap. Also a kind of smothering, also your face in my cunt. Less romantic, I guess.

And then there are body scissors, of course. I prefer doing the kind of body scissors that mimics a 69 position, your throat caught in a doom grip between my legs, below my perfect ass.

I’m not afraid to turn into the deranged slut I really am once we get in the ring.

BALLBUSTING BITCH: Perfectly legal according to the rules of our game. And it’ll likely render you down for the count. I can do it in my bare feet, I can do it in stilettos. Don’t forget that during our match I will be clothed, you will not.

SMOTHERING PENIS SUCCUBUS: What kind of sick, masochistic fuck would want me to smother his penis and kick it until he passes out? You would, my ideal caller! I love describing cock and ball torture. Nothing gets me quite as wet.

BRUTAL HEAD KICKING BEATDOWN: Men love violence. Smart men like bearing the brunt of my violence. You want me to be a nasty bitch? Good, because luckily for you I already am. My vicious cruelty is like a fine wine, only better with age and time. Thirsty for a sip? Get in the fucking ring, loser!

THE HUMAN PUNCHING BAG BABE: No, I’m not your punching bag. You are my punching bag. I’m so sick of listening to men talk. It would be a better world if you took the brunt of my angry feelings, my rage.

VICIOUS STRAPON QUEEN: Maybe you don’t just want me to beat your ass the old-fashioned fighting way. How about I pound your asshole with my giant strapon? I’m not afraid to tear you apart.

You know you want it, bitch. Cum get it.

If you’re satisfied with talking to regular, run-of-the-no-taboos-mill phone sex girls, call someone else. Are you ready to get in the ring and get your ass kicked by a girl? Call me. I love mixed wrestling matches because I always win. As it should be. Don’t you agree? Or are you a sore loser? It’s showtime, mother fucker. And you’re going down!