Exposing someone for punishment wouldn’t be my first idea.

But exposing someone publicly turned out to be the most effective punishment I ever got. I guess that’s why I’m super submissive and not likely to find my dominant side anytime soon. It was a normal day hanging out with my Mistress friend Julie. I wasn’t officially her sub, more of a pretty toy. Like a pet. In fact, she called me “Kitten” and never by my actual name. But even though I wasn’t her submissive, I was expected to always behave myself and to speak to her with respect. Unfortunately, this particular evening I was feeling rather bratty. She asked me a question and I cracked off with a witty reply.

As soon as it was out of my mouth, I realized my error. But it was too late. That platinum eyebrow shot up and those crimson lips pursed. “Hmm” she harrumphed and went quiet. The silence felt like it was deafening me. And then, just when I couldn’t take anymore, she calmly announced that she needed to go to the gas station and that I would be coming with her. She jumped up and went to my bedroom and came out with a black skirt with red pinstripes. The type of thing I never wear out of the house.

“Here Kitten put this on.” I looked at her for a second before stripping off my yoga pants, exposing the fact that I didn’t put on panties that morning. I looked up and blushed “Umm what panties should I put on?” She just smiled and told me to hurry up. No sooner than I had the skirt up and fastened, she hurried me out the door and into her truck.

I climbed up onto the seat and slid over next to her when she got in.

As we were going up the road, she flipped my skirt up and started to finger my wet pussy until my moans were all I could hear. We parked in the lot of the gas station and she continued finger popping my pussy until I came. Then I was told to get out of the truck and come inside with her. My eyes were still dreamy from the orgasm she had wrung from me and I even stumbled a bit as I walked through the doors.

I would never have imagined what she had in mind as she stopped me at the end of the aisle closest to the cashier. She pointed to a bag of chips on the very bottom shelf and grinned “Ok brat, I want those. Get them for me.”  I attempted to kneel down modestly to get them but I felt her boot against my bare ass cheek. Looking at her smile it clicked. Exactly what she wanted.

I stuttered for a moment and up went that brow again.

“At the waist, Kitten” I bit my lip and bent over to get the chips, knowing that I was exposing everything, my ass, and my creamy “I-just-came” pussy. Once I was bent as far as she wanted, She kicked my feet apart just slightly to spread me open to the cashiers view even more.

I peeked between my parted legs to see what he thought of the show he was getting. He couldn’t take his eyes off the pretty fuck box I was exposed to his view. Finally, after what seemed like forever she let me come up but we loitered in that store for about half an hour and anytime a likely target came through the doors, Julie decided there was something she just had to have from the bottom shelf. What do you think of her brand of punishment?

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