Mistress’s Enjoyment and Pleasure Are All That Matter

“Mistress, what can I do for your pleasure?” That’s the question you lame ass loser boys come to me with. Can you figure out what is wrong with that? I know, I know. It seems like the perfect question for a subby lame ass to ask, right? Well let me school you idiots a little bit. That question puts all the work on my shoulders.

I don’t know about you, but my thoughts on the subject are that the submissive is supposed to be around for my amusement and enjoyment. And to make my life easier. The correct way to approach me is “Do you want me to do (insert inane amusing activity here) for you, Mistress?” You are here to serve me. Do not forget that. I promise you that it won’t slip my mind!

And as great as I am, I’m not a mind reader. When I ask “what are you into?”

Don’t tell me “anything”. No one is in to everything. You waste valuable time pussy footing around your specialty. Don’t waste my time letting me poke and prod at a part of your pathetic psyche that isn’t your “thing”. The time I spend making you bend over and touch your toes while I paddle your ass could be better spent dressing you up to suck dick if that is where your true interest lies.

And don’t take this as me telling you to take control. Haha. No. I’m not just some chick playing the part. I understand the deep psychological reasons that are behind BDSM play. And that means that I won’t have as good a time doing something that isn’t really in your wheel house because you won’t react the right way. It still comes down to my enjoyment of the situation. So if you are still going to tell me you are into “anything”, you’d better suck up your bullshit and react the way I expect or there will be hell to pay!

Fetish Phone Sex!