Mistress body worship

The truth about Mistress body worship is, it’s the only thing that makes you feel like you have a purpose in this life anymore. You already know you’re pathetic. No woman has ever been satisfied by your cock. You have lacked confidence in your performance for so long that you finally accepted you will never use your cock again. Now your nothing but a submissive slave. This is why you come to me. I will give it to you straight and I will hold nothing back. You’re right, you’re fucking pathetic. But just because I won’t fuck your cock doesn’t mean you have no purpose. You would make a perfect submissive slave to keep around. I can fulfill that void you feel. You will submit to me and become my submissive. This will never include riding your cock. But if you earn enough good boy points there will be rewards.

If chosen your special place is on your knees worshiping me. You will be my new submissive slave toy. While I have zero interest in riding your cock, I do have an interest in riding your face. But I never give up that shit for free. You must earn your place between these legs. Remember, it’s an honor to taste me. On your knees bitch and show me if you are one of the few worthy ones. Start with my feet. I did tell you this was a head to toe worship thing, right? Shut up! That was a rhetorical question. Get that mouth to work my submissive slave. Oh yeah, no touching either. Hands flat on the floor and your face down on my feet. Yeah, that’s going to be a little difficult but you will figure it out.

Bow to your Goddess

A little foot worship is good from time to time. Think of licking my feet like an audition. Want to win the spot as my submissive slave? Then worship me good, give it your best shot and impress me. Once you have earned your place I want to see how much you can handle. Lay down bitch! After I straddle your face you see my panties are still on. No touching now. I want you just close enough you can smell me but not able to taste me. That’s right, no licking! Not yet anyways. Hey, I warned you that I would make you work for it. Am I going to have to tie you up, or do you think you can manage to follow my rules? Now let’s go ONE step further and take my panties off. Same rules apply, no licking or tasting, yet!

After I finish teasing you let’s see how good you are at mistress body worship. Now you have my full permission to lick my sweet cunt. I stay straddling your face. Use your tongue and lick me up and down. I want to feel you suck on my pussy. Don’t hold back on me now that you have made it this far. Show me you can be the only submissive slave I need. I want your face buried in my pussy to the point you can’t breathe. Then I want that tongue to slide back to my ass. Now, bury that face in my ass. While you worship me I will remind you of your purpose in life. But the things I will do are limitless. You have no idea how much you love your new purpose.

Give yourself to me

I’ll be here waiting until you are ready to see the light. For the best Mistress body worship give me a call. I am the Goddess you have been searching. Don’t miss the chance to become my submissive slave. My domination phone sex line is open for calls. But don’t wait to call me. The time to get what you deserve is now. So, grab the phone and call me. But wait there is more!

Tasty cream pie pussy, YUM! But this is only for those who are open minded.