I love visiting my friends in Miami Beach. Of course, I love to stay at Fontainebleau Miami Beach while I am there. You never know what it may bring, including mistaken identity GILF sex.

It has so much history and is such a classy place. Not only that, it is always hopping with activity. They have the venue for “A” name celebrity concerts so it is worth the money to stay here.

Plus, the restaurants, bars, and amenities are fantastic. Additionally, don’t even get this naughty slut started on the quality fucks staying here while I am. A granny can fuck a new person every day!

Although, with this trip, a new thing with mistaken identity GILF sex is happening.

My friends do end up spending a lot of time at the hotel with me. They love the place as much as I do. And, since I am staying there, we might as well make use of the amenities.

Now, they are not as outgoing or wild as me. That means they tend to go home early for bed. So, they are leaving this granny alone early in the evening to find my fun.

My mistaken identity GILF sex preemptive is coming. It is my third night in town and I am still pretty energized by the city and sea air. Since it is later, I decide to check out the Bleau Bar.

I am wearing one of my sexier tight and short dresses.

As I walk in I see there is a nice variety for the crowd. Not sure where to sit, I decide to go to the bar. I order my first drink and survey the crowd. Not only do I love people-watching, but I am also scanning for potential fun.

Within a few minutes,  an extremely handsome, very well-dressed gentleman buys me a drink. Here comes the mistaken identity GILF sex opening. He starts up a conversation and we chat for a bit.

Turns out he has a lot of money. And, he likes to spend it on pretty women. As we are talking, he says to me, “You are so much better looking than I was expecting.”

At first, I am confused, but then, I know exactly what is going on.

This gentleman believes I am the high-class escort he is meeting here. Hello, mistaken identity GILF sex. He is sexy, he is rich and I am going to have some fun with him tonight!

He proceeds to tell me he has one of the presidential suites if I am ready to go upstairs. Well, hell yes, baby, by all means, let’s do this! I am praying along with all his other big things, he has a big dick!

As someone that loves naughty GILF hotel sex, I have just hit the fucking jackpot! He and I go up to his suite and he gets us drinks. I am figuring he sent money via a card already.

Nope, he says, “Here is your money darlin’,” and my mistaken identity GILF sex friend lays it on the table.

Fuck, that is a lot of money. Lucky for him his mistaken identity GILF sex is with me and I am amazing in bed. Of course, I am amazing everywhere! I get down on my knees and go to work.

As I am sucking his cock, he is moaning and telling me it is the best he has ever had. I hear that a lot sweetie. Of course, I am tongue fucking his ass too and he says, “That is nice!”

Soon, our fun is moving to the bed. Of course, our night is just getting started and I am going to rock his cock as he has never had before!

If you want to know those dirty details, you’ll want to call me for some kinky GILF phone sex!