Phone Sex Girls Got Brains

(Sung to the tune “Baby Got Back”)

So your girlfiend’s got a smokin’ body

Playin’ with your dick like a hottie

But hotties ain’t got a mind in the top of her body

My bearded clam don’t want none unless you got brains hun

You can do hot sex and pin ups, but please don’t lose that brain

Some brother’s wanna play that hard game

And tell you that the brain ain’t gold

So they fuck it and leave it

But I’ll talk and think and thieve it

So Cosmo tells you to dumb down

Well I ain’t down with that

‘Cause your IQ is high and your intellect is kickin’

And I’m thinking about lickin’

That smart little cunt reading analogies

You are it, Miss Thang

Give me a smart sister, you know I can’t resist her

Dickens and Tesla did miss her

Some dumb stud did try to diss her

“Cause them PhD girls are on my list”

He had games but no brains

And I wise up quick to get with ‘em

So ladies, if the brain is huge

And you want a triple X Shakespeare muse

All the hot phone sex girls at the Kingdom have intellect that will intrigue you, and personalities that will have you laughing and coming back time and time again for the best phone sex you’ve ever had.