Caden and I had a Nobody sitting in front of us. He was eager to please and loved his new nick name. He gave us permission to toy with him as we liked, which I was all about. Fresh meat! Caden and I both had a bag of tricks. Mine was filled with balloons, round and the long ones for making animals, a banana, funnel, zip ties and last butter. Cadens bag had a long tube, elastic bands, a beer, strap on and gloves.

We took Nobody and began out abuse. Since he was a participant, I guess it wouldn’t really be considered abuse. We would use him indeed. We started out with a nice pussy licking for Miss. Caden. She laid on her back and smothered Nobodies face into her pussy.  I had some fun stretching out his ass with a balloon. I rolled the balloon onto the dildo and pushed it into his tight little asshole. Once in and a few pumps later, I pulled the dildo out leaving the balloon in. Just a small bit of it hung out…enough to wrap my lips around and blow. I blew the balloon up to a nice sized baseball.

Once that was done, I stood over Miss. Caden facing Nobody while he licked her cunt. I stood there and pulled my pussy open and pissed down Miss. Cadens chest. It flowed right into Nobodies mouth. He fucking loved it! Once he gave Miss. Caden an orgasm, we switched places. She popped the balloon in Nobodies ass, making him lurch forward. My sweet pussy and ass were a tad ripe smelling. I had a long jog that morning and didn’t show before heading over to see him. I locked him between my legs, coating his face in nasty ass and pussy juice. Miss.Caden put the funnel in his ass and pissed into it.

Miss. Caden took the clear hose and put it in his ass and the other end was pinched closed.  Once I felt like he went long enough without air I release. Miss. Caden took it among herself to give his first gulp of air, piss instead. Piss from his own ass. She ordered him to suck it all out.

Once the golden liquid was devoured she pulled the tube out and pegged his Nobody ass out. I jerked his meat and told him to cum in my hand like a good boy. Once he came I took Miss. Caden by the dildo and slathered  Nobodies cum all over it. She deep throated him hard. We were both very satisfied on how well he took ever bit of abuse we gave..



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