Rounding up all the sissies in town!

I have a slight reputation with all the “husbands” in my town. It’s surprising to see just how many men secretly want to be spanked, pegged, choked, and used like little bitches. The thing is that most women don’t even know that. So many women in this town are in unhappy and unsuccessful marriages. They can’t wrap their heads around their husband’s deepest darkest desires. I thought about all of that one night when I was sitting on the back porch smoking a blunt.  Somebody has got to help them.  I set out to become the town’s mischievous sissy trainer.

My buddy Isaiah was the first to experiment with my training abilities. He and his wife have been married for over 25 years now. That’s largely in part of the services I have secretly provided to Isaiah. Although, I should have known way better! He’s such a blabber mouth; I swear that man can’t keep a damn secret. Obviously, he knows other sissies in town and told them. Even though I had the idea of becoming a sissy trainer, I was hesitant to begin. Well, Isaiah did not allow me to procrastinate any longer. Now, my phone is constantly blowing up!

My side business has now turned into a full-blown career as a mischievous sissy trainer. I expected that several dudes in town were sissies but shit it’s like our town is crawling with them! Every day from 4 pm – 1 am, I’m training little sissy bitches. We start off with the basics of course, like breaking them down into submissive little bitches. When they don’t listen, they get the whip. If they behave, they’re allowed to suck on my strap-on cock. Some take longer than others to give, but in the end, I break them all.

The town’s mischievous sissy trainer is saving marriages!

The thing is, I get a lot of confused sissy boys, who don’t know exactly if they’re sissies, but are still interested in my services. Therefore, I allow a slow ease into the process for them. While others are just way too excited to begin! I get some nasty little sissy bitches who suck my cock with a passion while they finger their ass or shove a dildo up it. They go crazy when I part their cheeks and begin to slurp. I’m known to give the best rim jobs around. All the sissy bitches love me.

It’s fun to go to community events, barbecues, potlucks, school events, etc., and see just how my work has positively given back to the community. In addition, being a mischievous sissy trainer requires a lot of secrecy, especially when you are friends with all the wifeys! Yes, that’s right, all the women in town love me! Apparently, there’s something about me… they can’t quite put their finger on it, but they love my personality. If they only knew… I’m happy to be such a positive influence in my town. I love seeing the work I put in and the light I bring to everyone.

It’s cute when sissies knock on my door at random times of the day. They quickly try to barge into my house, and then spill their darkest desires. I love seeing the uneasiness in their hands, the gulps in their throat, the sweat slowly trickling down their forehead, the shuffling of their feet. It makes it all the more exciting for me! My favorite thing is bringing them to their knees. There’s always a special surprise for my most nervous boys… a fat 14″ dangling cock. I love how their eyes seem to roll back when they see it.

Why I love being a mischievous sissy trainer.

I love provoking slight fainting spells with each big baby boy. I don’t think I’ll ever need anything else to satisfy me out of the realm of being a mischievous sissy trainer. It’s the only thing I’ve ever done that brings me pure joy. As well as never-ending satisfaction. Who wouldn’t want to hold the power of being the most sought-after sissy trainer in town! I love it, and I’m always accepting new sissies into my training program!

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