Mind control sex stories come in all different shapes and sizes!!

There is no one to sit and listen to you in your daily life, to tell you how proud of you that they are! Through my mind control sex stories, allow me to show you how devoted to you that I can be!

Finally!!! This will be your best pep talk phone sex experience ever!

Have you ever just needed a pickup in life someone to tell you that you’re doing good and that they’re proud of you? Your Princess is here to give you exactly what you’ve been needing to take you where you’ve needed to go.

Although you may be asking yourself what to say during phone sex? So, allow me to help!!

It’s time to find your happiness again are you tired of your nagging wife always on your case? Maybe your boss is being a little too hard on you? Come let me show you exactly what you need, allow me to be the voice inside your head and speaking the nice words that you’ve been Desiring so much.  So, I can give you exactly what you’re missing!
Never feel alone again never feel like no one’s on your side or you have no one to turn to. I will always be here to be your voice of reason on a tough day to make you smile. Have you been speaking the kind words for a very long time from your parents from your family members seeking someone to just tell you that they’re proud of you and that you’re doing so good in life… Allow me to be that person.
I know exactly what you need I know what you’ve been craving and I know how to help you. So, give me the opportunity to show you that your life can be better, that you can be happier… And furthermore that someone cares! It’s not your average phone sex