Mind Control Sex Stories: Submit To The Power Of My Menzies

Mind control sex stories typically need to end in one place, men on the floor, worshiping beautiful superior women just how they need to be. After all, we do have this natural raw power ingrained in us. It was when I hit puberty I started to notice my own innocense flicker away, as it should be. Finally, with the arrival of women hood, I was the strong sexual being that I was always destined to be. So, imagine my surprise when the same sort of excitement was not shared with members of the opposite sex. Did they not see all the same sort of advantages a warm and thirsty puss could offer to their raging teen boners? Obviously, they did not, and for that, I would never stand.

Mind Control Sex Stories: Submit To The Power Of My Menzies

It began with a mild obsession. Around that time of the month when other girls were focused on eating their chocolates, I hit the gym a little bit harder. I began to embrace the sexual desire that most women don’t even talk about. My pussy was ready to pounce more than ever when the red rivers flowed. As soon as I learned how to use my tender and sensitive vagina to my advantage I began squirting and masturbating for hours. My step Mother had my Dad uninstall the showerhead after becoming so jealous of catching me masturbating with it. I learned to use my body to my advantage, never to be stressed again.

However, like any drug my cycle became addicting. I would count the days on the calendar itching for it to get closer. Even welcoming Mother nature with all-white attire just hoping to jinx my luck. Still, even then, I wanted more. However, men were too weak to embrace it’s pure pussy power whenever she was glowing and red. I would start small, pulling out my tampon as a guy was sticking it in, just acting as though I just started. Yet, without enough foreplay, I was left unsatisfied. The instant stuff into something so warm and satisfying boys would bust. That was until I decided I was not going to be shunned any longer by little boys too scared of raw feminine power. I began to embrace my monthly gift allowing myself to engage with other like-minded individuals.

Worshiped Like The Princess I Truly Am

Just the sheer smell of my period hormones and they come begging at my feet. We will tango in the sheets together rolling around in my beautiful mess-making our own art. I never come harder than when I do in my period, and that is a true fact. Sure, we don’t have to get as extream as making bloody mary’s the literal way. However, allow yourself to feel the raw pull of women’s natural sexual ability during that time of the month. So you get a little blood on your dick? Have you never had a paper cut? Man up big boy you know you are ready to earn your red wings. Now earn them with me! I bet you didn’t know mind control sex stories could turn you on so much, did you?

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