Mind Control Sex Stories – Hypnotherapist Does Erotic Sessions

Mind Control Sex Stories are just stories, but when I use hypnosis, it is real and you can read about what can happen by having a hypnosis session with me.

In the first place, I am not just a PSO that is making it up when I talk to you on the phone.  My background includes:

A Masters in Psychology
Training and certification through The National Guild of Hypnotists.
Advanced training in NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming
15 Years in private practice
17 Years In BDSM and alternate forms of sexuality
Innumerable workshops and classes over the span of 15 years

Often, PSO’s claim to do erotic hypnosis, but that does not mean they know anything about hypnosis.  They simply know how to get a hard cock off while using a hypnotic voice they picked up while watching late night TV.  Speaking of TV, hypnosis is NOT what you have seen on television and in the movies.  I know, disappointing but true.

Every human being goes into a hypnotic state a few times a day.  For example, have you ever been driving and suddenly realize you passed your exit, but don’t remember doing so?  During this period, you were in a trance or a “hypnotic state”.

The sessions I provide last approximately an hour.  Sometimes, depending on the client’s needs, they will go longer, but I strive to keep it within that timeframe.  I require the client to be on Skype or AIM.  I must be able to watch the breathing, eye movement, micro facial muscles, and be aware of all external environmental factors.

When doing erotic hypnosis, I put the client into an altered state of consciousness and either implant suggestions or guide them through an erotic fantasy.

Sometimes people want me to implant suggestions to help them overcome fears and anxieties.  A good example would be a client I had who wanted to be cuckolded but could not follow through.  I worked with him implanting suggestions to overcome his reticence.  He called me a week later saying he and his wife had a mind-blowing experience with a BBC and he was thrilled.

Other times, it is more about fantasy.  Then, I will get details of the fantasy, and using a specific induction, put them into an altered state and guild them through it.  This process is known to enhance the experience to the point that men often cum just from the imagery or just touching their cock.

So, If you would like to experience a real erotic hypnosis session, with a trained hypnotherapist, give me a call!


Let me know what you think of my Mind Control Sex Stories!

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