Mind control sex stories, Hell week in the military!

Mind control sex stories, Hell week in the military! Have you ever heard of hell week in the special forces? Its where they put you through extreme intensive testing and training. Long days pushed to an extreme physical limit and under extreme sleep deprivation. There is one physiological test that caught my interest. So after a long day of training at the beach of letting waves crash over you till you think you will drown gasping for air. Once you think you just can’t take anymore they let you have a break moments before your next torture. If you like humiliation phone sex you are going to love this!

The moment you return to the barracks and you lay your head upon your pillow and drift off to sleep for just a moment… When you are woken up by yelling and screaming being jerked out of bed.  Immediately blindfolded leaving you to only use your hearing for the sounds around you. They throw you into a room for endless hours with your hand’s zip tied. They have you bent over on your knees. Screams and sounds of gunfire fill your ears nonstop till you think you may go crazy. Now here is where I started to see things in a kinky point of view.

Mind control sex stories, Hell week in the military!

If you want to see if someone is really a survivor…Then, in my opinion, you have to test them in the most emotional way. They are already are on their knees and asses in the air I think that we should see how they handle being raped. So I think that the drill instructors should go nuts to butt in a hardcore sense! So let’s see how well they can control their own mind when they are blindfolded and their pants ripped past their now bare ass and filled with a big fat cock. Because then they had their asses pounded and insulted and assaulted all at the same time.

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