Mind Control Sex Stories, I Pull The Strings!

Dear Perverts, ever wonder what it could be like to have your mind controlled by a sexy mistress? While I know some of you love the fantasy, when the cards are on the table you want mind control sex stories to have that fluffy fairytale ending. It seems like the victim could lose it all, right? Isn’t that exactly what you want?


A select, special few of you love to get twisted around my little finger…


Whatever my desire, you are there to serve me. I probe deep into your inner psyche while I fuck with your head at the same time. I’m the one in total control. If I decide to give you what you want, it’s because I also want it. Sometimes I know exactly what you want and I don’t give it to you for a very, very long time, if ever. In fact, I might drop you into a ditch instead. It’s all in the pursuit of getting a stronghold of your mind. From there, I’ll do anything I want.


Do psychedelic mind control sex stories turn you on?


Maybe I drug with LSD you and force you to fully submit to me. Perhaps you like a little bit of bloody sci-fi torture to break your psyche? Does it turn you on when I groom you for repeated brutal rapes by dozens of men? Whatever your mind control fantasy, we can definitely make many mind control sex stories out of them. I want the best possible foothold in your thoughts. 

I’m even thinking about learning some erotic hypnosis…

There’s something really hot about being able to control someone’s mind to loosen inhibitions to do something really naughty or make them cum without even touching themselves. I’ll let you know if that ever happens. Until then, call for some hot phone sex of all kinds at my little number. I can guarantee that you won’t ever be disappointed.


Phone Sex Kingdom!